Youtube Top 10 Live Streamers, Gamers 2020: Full Data of Gaming, India bags big

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Youtube Top 10 Live Streamers, Gamers 2020: Full Data of Gaming, India bags big.

Youtube Top 10 Live Streamers, Gamers 2020- Full Data of Gaming: Though the year 2020 is referred to be a jinxed year for all the humans throughout the globe, 2020 created many records and shatters many.

The Indian Gaming community would be proud of themselves, finding them in the top charts. It cant get better. According to the data released by youtube on top streamers of 2020, 6 out of 10 names belong to India.

The list includes streamers from different countries. Apart from 6 Indian Streamers others are from different nations.

Top live streamers by views of 2020 (in no particular order):

  • NOBRU (Brazil)
  • MortaL (India)
  • Dynamo Gaming (India)
  • Sc0ut (India)
  • VEGETTA777 (Spain)
  • TheDonato (Venezuela)
  • Total Gaming (India)
  • Gyan Gaming (India)
  • LazarBeam (Australia)
  • SOUL Regaltos (India)
  • MrStiven Tc (Colombia)

With the countries forcing lockdown due to the pandemic, Youtube streaming got a huge boost. Many creators came up in the time to grow while some of the established got huge support from the fans and raised to another level.

One of the finest examples of growth in 2020 is Minecraft streamer Dream. This streamer from the United States saw a huge surge in his youtube subscription from 1 Million in January 2020 to 13 Million in October the same year.

Breakout creators of 2020 (in no particular order):

  • Valkyrae
  • Corpse Gaming
  • Dream
  • GeorgeNotFound
  • EddieVR
  • Tiko
  • iBerleezy
  • KreekCraft
  • Gattu
  • NotYourAverageFlight

Top creators by gaming views in 2020:

  • FGTeeV (USA)
  • Jelly (Netherlands)
  • Flamingo (USA)
  • Robin Hood Gamer (Brazil)
  • ItsFunnneh (Canada)
  • LazarBeam (Australia)
  • Slogo (UK)
  • Mikecrack (Spain)
  • Arab Games Network (BH)
  • Vegetta777 (Spain)

Year 2020 Biggest Year in Youtube Gaming History:

Youtube Gaming shared some of its records in the Twitter handle. Gaming on youtube has increased at an unpredicted level. With over 100 billion watch time hours- double the watch time hours in 2018.

From 100 Billion watch time- at least 10 billion watch time hours was alone from the youtube gaming category. 

The stat also said that it has over 40 million active gaming channels right now on Youtube and over 80,000 channels hitting the 100,000 marks.

-The 5 million marks is hit by over 1,000 gamers across youtube in 2020.

-And over 350 gaming and streaming channels hit the 10 Million subscriber mark in 2020.

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