[LATEST] Who is Sniper King / Sniper God in PUBG Mobile 2021

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[LATEST] Who is Sniper King / Sniper God in PUBG Mobile 2021.

Sniper King PUBG Mobile: Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) is widely known for its dynamic behavior. PUBG Mobile provides full access to its user to control the game by themselves and grow more. There are many PUBG Players who are known for their unique gameplay.

The game offers so many roles to the users like Assaulter, Sniper, Attacker, Middle Man, Supporter, and a lot more. However, Snipers in PUBG Mobile are way more popular than others on the list. Picking the perfect headshot gives gamers some different satisfaction and every player wants to become a successful Sniper for his/her team.

In this article, we will look at some of the well-known Sniper King of PUBG Mobile.

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Who is Sniper King of PUBG Mobile?

[UPDATED] Top 5 Sniper in PUBG Mobile:

5. Ruppo:

He is a PUBG Mobile Streamer and Gamer known for his ultimate gaming skills in PUBG Mobile. Ruppo is a United States-based gamer, often people watch his gaming montages which includes some insane headshots.

Ruppo joined youtube a year ago and since then he has been successful. He has over 3.5 Million subscribers on Youtube and over 440,403,997 total views in his videos.

4. Athena Gaming:

Sometimes people refer to Athena as the God of PUBG. Athena streams and uploads PUBG Mobile gameplay on his youtube channel. He is a Korean streamer and plays PUBG Mobile on his I-pad.

The fear to lose his touch with the game restricts him to switch over the phone and compete in various tournaments. Athena has a fan base all over the globe.

Athena Gaming has over 2.1 Million subscribers on his youtube.


As the name suggests, it’s hard to understand the techniques used by the player while sniping. RNG often plays with 8 finger claw to play on his extreme games.

He is a PUBG Mobile player and streamer and is Chinese by Nationality. RNG is one of the few PUBG Mobile players who does not stream much on Youtube.

2. Daljitsk:

The Indian YouTuber and professional PUBG Mobile player is one of the finest Snipers around the globe. Daljit Singh is also known as Daljitsk often shows his skills in the high-pressure PUBG Mobile tournaments.

Daljit right now plays for an Esports organization known as Orange Rock (OR) and competed in many tournaments along with his teammates. He has over 200k youtube subscribers.

1.Luxxy Gaming:

BTR Luxxy YouTube Video of Sniping

BTR Luxxy or Luxxy Gaming is the world’s best sniper right now. He is an official PUBG Mobile player and streamer from Indonesia. Playing for Bigetron Red Aliens (BTR), Luxxy has won many prizes at the global level for his supreme game sense and Sniping skills.

Luxxy has over 1 Million subscribers on his youtube channel. Luxxy is famous all around the globe and is slowly becoming the role model for upcoming PUBG Mobile players.

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