Uttarakhand Auli Tourism 2021, Distance, Delhi to Auli, Dehradun to Auli, Hotels, Best Places, Price, Budget, all details here.

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Uttarakhand Auli tourism 2021, Distance, Delhi to Auli, Dehradun to Auli, Hotels, Best Places, Price, Budget, all details here.

Uttarakhand Auli Tourism 2021: With every economy across the globe coming into its place after fighting with the deadly pandemic, tourism is also playing its part. India was one of those countries which got hit by the pandemic and the economy of the country got crashed. Although the revival process has started and tourism will also play a key role in that.

Uttarakhand Auli has started to begin the tourism and the travellers across the country are coming there to witness the purest nature. Auli can be referred to as mini-Kashmir and has many places to visit.

In this article, I will discuss the major things to do in Uttarakhand Auli in 2021. Basic Budget required, Distance from Delhi, Dehradun, Hotels and much more.

Uttarakhand Auli tourism 2021: Best Places to Visit:

Auli has several tourist attraction and many visitors not only visit Auli but also goes to the adjoining parts to it. Being snowy in the winters and pleasant during the summers, Auli has over 20 tourist attractions to visit.

From the artificial lakes to the valley of flowers to the Temples, Auli offers an all-round pleasant experience to the visitors. 

Auli Artificial Lake, Nanda Devi Peak, Chattrakund, Chenab Lake, Auli Ski Resort, Trishul Peak Vishnuprayag, Gurso Bugyal, Kwani Bugyal, Joshimath, Saildhar Tapowan, Auli Ropeway, Valley of Flowers, Nanda Devi National Park.

Distance of Auli from Delhi and Dehradun:

Auli is easily accessible from every part of the country. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport which is in Dehra Dun. From there the visitors may take taxies and other modes of transportation to reach their destination.

Delhi to Auli Distance: 341 Kilometers (can be easily covered in 12 hours by road).

Dehra Dun to Auli Distance: 180 Kilometers (from Dehra Dun airport, Auli can be reached in 70 hours and one can take taxies or busses to reach the destination).

Best Time to Visit Auli Uttarakhand in 2021:

The best time to visit Auli depends upon your preference. Although one can visit the holy place at any time throughout the year.

If you love doing snow activities like skiing, and other adventurous activities, the best time for you will be from January to March.

While if you love more of trekking and that kind of stuff then you must prefer going there between April to June.

People can also visit during the monsoon if they want to see pleasant flowers and soothing quiet nature.

Hotels in Auli Uttarakhand:

Although the hotels in Auli are present at every single destination, however, most of you won’t find them better as they are designed for the need of one-night sleep only. So, make sure to book a hotel in a good location near the main city of Auli. 

During off time, the hotel may cost you from 1000 per night to 3000 per night. But if you reach there during the peak summers, winters or monsoon, they can charge you even more than 5000 per night.

Also, the booking of hotels can be done by various online portals and you can also get a few discounts by applying offers.

Average cost of visiting Auli Uttarakhand (Bidget):

The average cost of per person at Auli can vary depending upon the living style of the individual. For a three days trip to Auli Uttarakhand, it can cost you around 8,000-10,000 per person including all the meals, travel and hotel stay. 

But if you choose to go for adventurous activities like skiing, trekking, para-gliding, the average cost per person can climb to 15,000.

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