Top 10 Esports Companies, Organizations in India 2021 for PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Call of Duty and Clash of Clans

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Top 10  Esports Companies or Organizations in India 2021 for PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Call of Duty and Clash of Clans.

When it comes to gaming in India, the year 2019 and 2020 have been revolutionizing. Indian esports industry saw a huge spike in its market even though the global pandemic shuts everything in the entire world. With time, the game saw various new features and more people started to play the game.

Back then, PUBG Mobile and esports were two synonymous names, however, Free Fire and Call of Duty along with other games gradually increased their popularities and soon became a rival of PUBG Mobile. Now Indian esports community is not restricted to one odd game and hence the industry saw a boom in recent times.

Currently, Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are the two games that constitute the majority of the money in the Indian market. Even though PUBG Mobile is banned but the game emerged in the top grosser of the year in the Indian market.

Many people who used to play games for fun, are now earning a handsome amount and running their business. Digitalisation is one factor that played a crucial role in bringing esports to India.

Now the players are partnered with huge esports organisation and competed in the highest level to bring the trophy along with the mammoth prize money.

In the article, we will look at the esports organisation that earned the most money in the year 2020 (Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty etc) and emerged as the best esports companies in India.

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Top 10 Esports Companies or Organisations in India:

Esports Company or Organisation nameTotal Earning in USD $
Orange Rock (PUBG Mobile)$83,983
TSM Entity (PUBG Mobile)$71,281
GXR Celtz/Celtz (PUBG Mobile)$55,222
Total Gaming (Free Fire)$49,692
Megastars (PUBG Mobile)$32,268
Fnatic (PUBG Mobile)$24,384
SynerGE (PUBG Mobile)$21,107
Nova Godlike (PUBG Mobile)$20,100
TeamIND (PUBG Mobile)$17,678
Critical X Elite (Free Fire)$13,641

The top-grossing esports companies in India come from PUBG Mobile. Orange Rock (OR), TSM Entity and GXR Celtz/Celtz belong to the PUBG mobile community. All these earnings by the PUBG Mobile esports teams are before the ban on the game.

Since the ban, many PUBG mobile esports players were on the roller coaster ride and many tried their hands on the other games.

The coming year will be even brighter for professional gamers as they will compete with the best player.  

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