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Team Soul is one of the oldest Pubg Clan in the country. The Team Soul is led by a popular streamer and Pubg Player Mortal. Mortal is the most popular YouTuber with a huge following on different platforms. He has over 6.25 Million subscribers on youtube, 2.5 Million followers on Instagram.

With the start of a golden era for Indian Esports, Team Soul broke into the top of the Esports charts in India. The soul was the first team to win a PUBG Mobile tournament in 2019. Team Soul is the first team to get featured in the PUBG Mobile Worldwide tournament and get a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD).

Current Players Roaster Team Soul:

Person IDReal NamePlayer role
SouL MortaLNaman MathurIGL
SouL ViperYash SoniSupport
SouL ReGaLTosParv SinghAssaulter
Team Soul | Image – Mortal’s Instagram Post

Team Soul Timeline (Major Events/Changes):

Day/Date/YearDetails of Major Event
2018Team Soul is formed at the DreamHack event in Mumbai
2019/ August 5thSoul MortaL Stepped down from Competitive gamesSc0utOP stepped in for Team SouL
2019, September 10thSoul Owais, Soul Ronak, and Sc0utOP left the clan after some disputes.
2019, SeptemberMortaL joins back competitive games.
2019, OctoberSoul Regaltos Joined the clan
2019, OctoberClutchgod stepped into the clan as a temporary vacant post as Soul Aman left.
2019, DecemberSoul Aman rejoined, Clutchgod rejoined the 8-Bit clan.
2020, JanuarySoul Sangwan Joins the squad
2020, JuneAman leaves the clan, joins TSM Entity
2020, JulySoul Blaezi Joins
2020, NovemberBids farewell to Sangwan and Blaezi.

Team SouL former Players:

Player IDReal NameRoleNew Esports Team
SouL SangwanDhruv SangwanAssaulter
SouL BlaeziVarad KadtanAssaulter
AmanAman JainMiddle Man
RonakHarpreet Singh JanjuhaSniper, AttackerOxygen Esports
OwaisMohammed Owais LakhaniAttacker, AssaulterFnatic
Sc0utOPTanmay SinghScout, SupportFnatic
SlayerKanishk ShahSniper, AttackerTeam IND
ClutchGod Vivek Aabhas HoroAssaulterTSM Entity

Team SouL Full Rankings and Stats in Competitive Tournaments:

DateRankTournamentPrize Money
YEAR- 2020
2020-08-3112thMatrix Premier Cup
2020-08-2313thAPL Invitational Season 1
2020-08-156thBattle Of Stars
2020-08-0510thLoco Gamer League: PUBGM Monsoon Knockouts$27
2020-07-3020thNimoTV PUBG Mobile League Pro
2020-07-2526thXTZ Genesis Series: Kill Zone
2020-07-1818thSanjivani Invitational
2020-07-1020thYuvin Community Cup Season 2
2020-07-025thNimoTV PUBG Mobile League
2020-07-0232ndESL India Premiership 2020 Summer Season: Masters League
2020-07-0113thPUBG Mobile Chaos Showdown
2020-06-2516thMatrix Invitational Cup
2020-06-2220thPUBG Mobile Mahayudh Season 1 – Pro
2020-06-2110thVLT Major Invitational Tournament Season 2
2020-06-1614thPUBG Mobile Super Heroes Battle 2020
2020-06-1413thPUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia Finals$3,500
2020-06-078thPUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia RS$2,000
2020-05-2821stQume Bitcoin Cup
2020-05-192ndSkyesports Grand Slam: PUBGM Invitational$793
2020-05-1611thIGPL Esports Cup: Season 1
2020-05-1513thOR Championship – Legends Rise 2020
2020-05-155thHigin TDM Championship
2020-05-1310thPUBGM Veteran Showdown: Captain’s League
2020-05-1024thPMPL – Spring Split 2020: SA Scrims Season 3 Week 3
2020-05-058thGamers Without Borders 2020: Asia$2,000
2020-05-0321stPMPL – Spring Split 2020: SA Scrims Season 3 Week 2
2020-04-2617thPMPL – Spring Split 2020: SA Scrims Season 3 Week 1
2020-04-262ndIndia Today League PUBGM Invitational$656
2020-04-1910thPMPL – Spring Split 2020: SA Scrims Season 2$100
2020-04-052nd#GamingForGood – Charity Tourney$656
2020-03-3111thPMPL – Spring Split 2020: SA Scrims Season 1$100
2020-03-2417thFnatic Lockdown Invitational 2020
2020-01-0515thVillager Esports Pro Invitational 2020
YEAR- 2019
2019-12-2912thPeacekeeper Elite Championship 2019$6,432
2019-12-0112thPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global Finals$8,000
2019-11-102ndPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia$30,000
2019-11-0715thPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia Play-ins
2019-09-2910thPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia Group Stage$600
2019-07-2812thPUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split Global Finals$2,500
2019-06-151stPUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: India$60,000
2019-03-101stPUBG Mobile India Series 2019$42,760

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