Tanmay Singh aka SCOUT Free Fire ID and Stats: January 2021

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Tanmay Singh aka SCOUT Free Fire ID and Stats: January 2021

Tanmay Singh a.k.a. SCOUT is a well-known face in the Indian gaming community. SCOUT in his gaming career has achieved many milestones till now and he is one of the most inspiring gamers of the country. Tanmay Singh is an enthusiastic gamer and a youtube streamer. He has experienced many games till now whether it is in PC or Mobile, however, he was recently seen playing Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game with a huge fan base in the Indian gaming community. We have seen a lot of people excelling in their gaming careers by playing and streaming Free Fire. With the ban in PUBG Mobile in September 2020, SCOUT promised his audience to stream various games. Free Fire is one of the game he wanted to stream and play for a long time.

It is well known that SCOUT is now preparing for the competitive tournaments of Free Fire and has made an unexpected appearance in the Free Fire Invitational Tournament after joining a well known Free Fire squad. Tanmay Singh has joined hands with TSG Army to participate in the upcoming Free Fire invitational tournament. 

A lot of you might be interested in the stats of SCOUT when he plays Free Fire. So, here they are.

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SCOUT Free Fire Stats and ID:

The statistics of SCOUT in Free Fire shows how good he is with the games. He barely plays the game but has impressive stats in few of the game modes. If you want to find SCOUT in Free Fire then type his Character ID “2339156229”.

Tanmay ‘SCOUT’ Singh Free Fire ID & Stats

One can find SCOUT by his Character ID and might see some updates in the stats due to time-to-time updates. Till now he has featured in 65 games in Free Fire. While most of them are from “Ranked matches” while he has also played some “Clash Squad” game mode.

Tanmay ‘SCOUT’ Singh Free Fire ID & Stats

His Kill to Death Rate in Squad matches is 3.73 in 80 games which consist of 65 wins. SCOUT has an impressive winning rate of 81.25% which is good given that he plates the game barely. Talking about the total kills in 80 games, SCOUT has thrashed 446 enemies which consist of 86 double kills, 41 Triple Kills and 10 Quad Kills.

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