How to play PUBG Mobile Lite without VPN, PUBG Mobile Lite size, Full Details

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PUBG Mobile Lite without VPN: It’s been three difficult months for the PUBG Mobile Gamers and Streamers. With the Indian Government imposing a ban on the PUBG Mobile Corporation citing security threats, gamers have faced a huge loss. Even though recently PUBG Mobile India on 14th November announced its comeback but the news seems nowhere close to the shore.

Although, the game is banned in India a lot of players and streamers have been playing the game using some VPNs. It is also seen that the Korean Version of PUBG Mobile is working in India without any lag and disturbance in ping.

But running PUBG Mobile Global version without any VPN has been a bit of a problem. So, we decided to test the game without a VPN and tried to check if the game works or not.

So, here we bring a secret trick to play PUBG Mobile Lite without VPN. In the secret Trick, we will also let you know how to solve the ranging ping issues in the game while using a VPN.

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How to play PUBG Mobile Lite Without VPN and Ping issues:

You should have a VPN connection and PUBG Mobile Lite installed on the phone.

Even though we have solved the problem of high ping but you will require a VPN connection to run the game.

Open the game using VPN and just start the mode you want to play. After opening the desired more whether it is Classic or any Arcade mode, close the VPN connection and return to the game.

You will see a dialogue box popping up with an error.

Just close the data connection for 5-7 seconds and then reopen the data connection. You will see the game starts working fine without any ping issues.

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