PUBG Mobile: PMGC Finals record viewership breaches 3.7 Million mark on the first day

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PUBG Mobile: PMGC Finals record viewership breaches 3.7 Million mark on the first day

PMGC Finals: PUBG Mobile Global Championship Finals records a peak in its viewership on the very first day. The esports title managed to reach a peak of almost 3.7 million on the first round itself. The landmark has been achieved after the Tencent tied up with Nimo TV to provide in-game live stream feature.

According to the reports released by the Esports Charts, PMGC Season 0 Grand Finals has clocked approximately 3,801,998 live viewers. This is the highest number for any PUBG Mobile event till date and it is almost the double viewership than the previous season.

The tweet from Esports Chart revealed that the viewership clocked till 3.7 Million mark but when checked the website it showed even higher. The website recorded almost 3.8 Million viewership on PMGC Finals.

One can check what is the latest count of the viewership by visiting the official website of Esports Chart.

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PUBG Mobile: PMGC Finals record viewership breaches 3.7 Million mark on the first day.

Esports Chart Viewership details on PMGC Grand Finals:

PUBG Mobile Global Championship is the highest event in the PUBG Mobile Esports industry. All the teams from across the globe will fight for the crown of the champions, $700,000 prize pool and additional bragging rights. To watch the live-action of the clash between the top teams, all the fans have been together to break all the previous charts and set a new record.

Previously the tournaments were only streamed through YouTube and Facebook and it recorded a maximum of 860,000+ viewership. The new mode has revolutionised the concept. Now fans can access the streams through in-game option. This change was possible with the collaboration with Nimo TV.

As per the reports, Esports Charts has the access to the in-game streaming API and hence they claim the accurate numbers of viewership.

The partnership with the leading streaming site has been instrumental in growing the viewer base of the tournament. The figures shown here are achieved on the first day only. It will be seen if the tournament breaks some more records in the coming days.

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