PUBG Mobile New State: How to Pre-Register for Android Devices

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PUBG Mobile New State Pre-Register: PUBG Corporation and Krafton have now officially announced the successor of the PUBG Mobile. The new game under the PUBG Mobile franchise is known as ‘PUBG Mobile: New State’. The game is the more advanced and futuristic model of the existing game PUBG Mobile and will have several new features alongside the core of the game. The gamers can now pre-register on PUBG Mobile: New State.

The officials of the game have shared the trailer of PUBG Mobile: New State with the fans and the final look of the game will be revealed later. The game is similar to the PC version of PUBG Mobile or we can say, it gives the same vibes. However, there will be some advanced tools and equipment in the PUBG Mobile: New State. 

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The pre-registration process among the fans have already begun and it is fairly easy. While there can be some problems for the users of restricted regions. But for those regions where the game will be launched, it is really easy to pre-register.

Unfortunately for the iOS users, the pre-registration is not available right now but the functionality will be added soon in the future. While android users can pre-register by following the simple steps that are given below.

  • Click here to visit the official website of PUBG: New State
  • Navigate to the Pre-Order section and click on “Pre-Order on Google Play”.
  • Once you click on  “Pre-Order on Google Play”, you will be redirected to Google Play Store and there you have to simply click on “Pre-Register” and you will be enrolled for it.

Make sure to enrol as soon as possible, as the process is already begun. There is as such no deadline for the Pre-Registration. But those who will enrol in the unspecified time period will get the limited edition skins of Vehicles, Guns and much more.

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