PUBG Mobile: How to get free UC In PUBG Mobile easy trick

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Free UC in PUBG Mobile: Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the most played battle royale game across the globe in the Mobile category. With the game getting popular day in and day out, the developers have started adding luxurious items to the shop and players often spend money to acquire these items from the shop.

The Unknown Cash (UC) is used to make any purchase in the game and is the easiest way to get lucrative items. But not every player will invest his/her money to get these things from the game but often searches for the tricks to get the items.

Here in this article, we will discuss the method by which each one of you can get free UC from PUBG Mobile without using any third-party app. This is the legitimate way to earn UC from PUBG Mobile itself and needs hard work and persistence.

PUBG Mobile has introduced an event called Bonus Challenge from where players can earn free UC by playings games and winnings them.

The player will require tokens to participate in the Bonus Challenge. This event is somewhat similar to the PMCO in-game qualifiers which is a long tedious work. The players will have to play the games in Bonus Challenge and win them with high kill numbers. After winnings the games, you will be rewarded with Bonus Coins which can be later redeemed to UC.

In order to win games and earn UC, one has to put-in efforts and the games in the Bonus Challenge will not be easy. The players can join a clan to make things easier and to get the participation tokens for free.

Earn Free UC in PUBG Mobile for Free:

Follow the given below tips to get the maximum benefit and get the UC.

  • Join a clan and redeem the “Bonus Challenge Participation Token” from the clan shop section.
  • The participation token in the Clan shop is available once per week. Make sure to redeem it weekly.
  • Once you have tokens, go to the Bonus Challenge section in PUBG Mobile and participate in the games. There will be games that will require more than one token as it will have a high return value but we recommend you to go with the single token participation.
  • Land in the safe area, strategise your game and try to get maximum kills along with Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. At the end of the game, you will be rewarded with the Bonus coins depending upon your gameplay.
  • Once you collect enough Bonus Coins, make sure to redeem them for UC. 1000 Bonus Coins will fetch you 100 UC.

Make sure to participate more in the games and play safer by trusting your skills. The competition will be high as other players are also there for the UC. Just back your skills and make sure to get a good number oof kills.

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