Hydra Dynamo Gaming, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography, Aadii Sawant

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Hydra Dynamo Gaming, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography, Aadii Sawant. Pubg gamer Hydra Dynamo Biography. Hydra Dynamo Gaming, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Biography, Aadii Sawant.

NameAadii Sawant (Hydra Dynamo)
Age23 Years
Birth DateApril 18
In-game NameHydra | Dynamo
Father’s NameDeepak Sawant
PUBG Id591948701

Aadii Sawant popularly known as Hydra | Dynamo is one of the prominent names in the Indian gaming community. Dynamo was born on 18th April 1916, belongs to a Marathi family. He is currently 23 years of age and has a lot of following on social media platforms.

Hydra Dynamo’s Early life:

Dynamo’s early life has been just like another kid in the country. He completed his schooling in Mumbai. Dynamo used to play a lot of PlayStation games in his childhood and which took him to youtube later on.

Dynamo Youtube:

Aadii Sawant a.k.a. Hydra Dynamo started his youtube journey on July 21, 2010, but started streaming in 2017. Dynamo used to play BattleField, GTA V, Dota2, and other games earlier. He later changed his playing style and shifted to PUBG PC but that didn’t give him good views and following. Dynamo lastly, started streaming PUBG mobile on PC and that changed his life altogether.

Aadi Sawant Popular DIalogues:

“Patt Se Headshot.”

“Baap se Pange Nahi Lete Bete.”

He used to call Kar98 his “Rani”.

Hydra Dynamo Pubg | Image via Dynamo’s Youtube Channel

Hydra Dynamo Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook Followings:

Dynamo is one of the first Indians to stream PUBG mobile and to which the audience connected which eventually boosted his fan following across Social Media Platforms.

Dynamo YouTube:

Subscribers: 8M.

Dynamo Instagram:

Followers- 2.1 M, Posts: 142, Following 25.

Dynamo Facebook:

Followers- 1.6M.

Dynamo Twitter:

Followers: 133k.

Hydra Dynamo Net Worth 2020:

After a boom in his youtube career, Dynamo is associated with various brands. Dynamo earns monthly around $9.6k – $153.5k monthly alone from his youtube.

His estimated yearly income from youtube is around $115.1k – $1.8M according to social blade data. 

Apart from Youtube, Dynamo earns a handsome amount from his Social Media Accounts through brand Collaborations.

Hydra Dynamo Girlfriend:

As per some reports, Kanika is rumored to be partnered with Dynamo. Both have been seen playing PUBG a lot of times together in youtube live stream.

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