How to get Engineer Perk in Call of Duty (COD) Mobile

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How to get Engineer Perk in Call of Duty (COD) Mobile.

Engineer Perk in COD Mobile: The Call of Duty (COD) Mobile has done commendable work in incorporating the aspects of COD in the COD Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile is the mixture of both Mobile and desktop version and is a great product for those who want to experience the game on go. The game offers various cool abilities and features, ability perk is one of them.

Engineer Perk in COD Mobile is the advanced feature and has numerous uses in the game. The perks are unique ability which keeps the power to turn the game in no time. Engineer Perk is one such big thing for the players of COD Mobile. One can achieve Engineer Perk once their ID reaches level 33.

The description of the Perk is as follows, “Reveals Enemy Equipment and Scorestreaks. Re-rolls friendly Care Package and Booby Traps enemy care packages.” The wordings used here might confuse you but has one of the most powerful abilities.

One can equip the Engineer Perk once the ID reaches level 33 and can be used to reveal the enemy’s scorestreaks. This can be helpful for the gamers to identify things like enemies UAV which can eventually help in strategic mind games.

To earn this perk, it is important to show good growth in the levels of the ID. To level up fast, here are a few tips you can follow:

How to get Engineer Perk in Call of Duty (COD) Mobile.

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Play Multiplayer Mode:

Playing a lot of multiplayer games is most important to boost up the process of levelling up in Call of Duty Mobile. The points earned at the end of the multiplayer games are almost similar to the Battle-royale game.

Playing Deathmatch mode is more beneficial and time-saving as each game is about five minutes and the points earned at the end of each game is almost equal to the other modes in COD Mobile.

Get Higher Kills in Games:

Getting all the new features and perks in COD Mobile is a great way of learning the game in a short period of time. Getting higher kills in the game adds up to get more experience. Each kill gets one experience points to the player and once can reach level 33 in no time when he takes a good number of kills in each game he/she plays.

Play with your Friends:

Playing games with the ones you know gives a good experience and synergy at the end get even better. The points offered at the end of each match also includes the points to play with friends or teammates or clan mates. One can increase the number of experience points by playing with friends or known person.

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