How to collect free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire: Easy Methods Explained

How to collect free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire: Easy Methods Explained

How to collect free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire: Easy Methods Explained.

Garena Free Fire Diamonds: The battle royale game, Free Fire not only provides a full dynamic nature to express your gameplay but also gives lucrative items and skins to flex. Free Fire is one of that game which brings in regular events and that is supplemented with a lot of rewards in the form of skins, outfits and emotes.

But one can own those hefty items from in-game store by using diamonds. Free Fire uses diamonds as its in-game currency. Players can buy these diamonds in exchange for the real money either through Play Store or direct payment.

But to own one of the best items in the game, the players need to spend a lot of diamonds. These lucrative items are not easily available and cannot be owned by spending a small number of diamonds.

It is not possible for each and every player to buy these diamonds as they cost the real money. So, the developers of the game conduct various events to distribute free items. 

Here in this article, we will explain to you three ways how to collect Free Diamonds in Free Fire.

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3 Ways How to collect Free Diamonds in Free Fire:

Participating in Giveaways Contests:

The easiest way to get Free Diamonds is to participate in the Free Fire Giveaway contests. A lot of Free Fire game streamers conduct giveaways on regular basis. This is the most simple way because they distribute a lot of diamonds and in return, you just have to complete a few basic things for them.

But this way not only consume time but also depends upon the luck of the user. This is the hit and trail method one can opt for.

Google Opinion Rewards:

The most trusted and secure way to earn diamonds for free is by filling surveys in Google Opinion Rewards. It is a google product which rewards users with money in return of filling up some surveys.

This method needs a lot of patience because the surveys take time and these surveys actually don’t come very often. But once you get a survey to fill up, Google will reward you with the money which can be used to do in-game recharges from the Play Store.

Through Get Paid To (GPT) Apps:

GPT apps are basically the third-party apps which pay you money after you complete some tasks. These apps use a points system to pay their users. These are the third-party applications after a certain amount of time or when you collect enough points exchanges these points to the real Play Store vouchers or Steam Codes.

These Google Play Vouchers can be used to purchase diamonds in Free Fire and these are all the authentic methods to earn free Diamonds. 

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