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How Southampton’s Pitch for World Test Championship will favor New Zealand over India

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How Southampton’s Pitch for World Test Championship will favor New Zealand over India.

The excitement among the fans, cricketing pundits and the officials for the ICC World Test Championship is at its peak. The guessing game has begun and everybody has started to pick their favourites to win the inaugural test championship between India and New Zealand.

Some feel that it will be India to lift the title while some have the exact opposite stance on the matter. There is a lot of jeopardy with both sides having bolstered squads and all the weapons in their arsenals.

The final of the ICC World Test Championship will begin on 18th June with India taking on their New Zealand counterparts at Rose Bowl, Southampton.

Here we will bring out some of the key pointers to take a note on which team has a better advantage on the soil and situations.


It is most probably going to be a green top where the final of the World Championship will be conducted. The ball will swing and the movement will deceive the batters of both sides. 

New Zealand will have a slight edge over the Indian batters on these surfaces of England. The Kiwis are habitual of playing on green surfaces. Moreover, they will come after playing two test matches against England.

The similarity in the surfaces of England and New Zealand will give an advantage to the Kiwis.

The left-arm seamers have always caused trouble for the Indian top order. If you see the ICC ODI World Cup 2019 Semi-Final against New Zealand, the Indian top-order was rattled by the kiwi pacers with their sheer swing movements.

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*How Southampton’s Pitch for World Test Championship will favor New Zealand over India.*

Balls Used:

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has earlier announced that Grade 1 Dukes balls will be used for the final between India and New Zealand.

India in the home test series uses SG balls while New Zealand uses Kookaburra balls. To neutralize things for both teams the step has been taken by the ICC.

New Zealand will be much more familiar with the Dukes balls which England uses in the home test series. They are having their assignment of two test games against England where they are playing with Duke balls.

With this, they will know how the ball is behaving in real test games. They will have a fair idea of the movement and usage of the balls.

Match Practice:

As said earlier, New Zealand will head to the final with two games of match practice against England while India will head without any match practice. This might bring in some advantages for the Kiwis.

Although, Virat Kohli has said that both India and New Zealand are on equal terms as far as the conditions of Southampton are concerned. 

“The conditions (in England) are as potent for us as New Zealand… We are going to board the flight thinking that we’re on equal terms and whichever team performs well session-by-session, hour-by-hour, is going to win that championship,” said Kohli at a pre-departure virtual press conference. 

Kohli doesn’t feel that they are lacking any advantages and New Zealand will have unfair advantages. 

“It’s not the first time we are playing in England. (With) the hunger and desire to be there… We have no problems with having just four practice sessions going into the final,” said Kohli. 

“For all of us this is like an accumulation of all the hard work of the last five-six years,” Kohli said. 

Nonetheless, everything will depend on how both teams perform hour by hour, session by session. India is equipped with world-class players with the likes of Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Jasprit Bumrah, Ishant Sharma and so is New Zealand with the likes of Kane Williamson, Trent Boult, Tim Southee etc.

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*How Southampton’s Pitch for World Test Championship will favor New Zealand over India.*


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