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Garena Free Fire bans over 30 Million gaming accounts for Hacking

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Garena Free Fire bans over 30 Million gaming accounts for Hacking.

Garena Free Fire has finally jumped to take some harsh steps against the gamers for using inappropriate means. The reports of 2020 Anti Hacking Annual Review” for Free Fire suggests that the Garena has banned over 30 million users who used unfair ways to win the game by any chance. Most of the action was taken from anti-cheat protection while players in-game reports also helped them in one way or the other.

In this world of modernisation, every game has some flaws and problems and some hacker use advantage of these issues to harm the internal files of the developers. These users anyhow get a way to bypass the layer of protection and securities to get an edge over other normal gamers. For a game like Garena Free Fire, that is widely played across the globe has to deal with the hackers every now and then.

Free Fire initially launched the program named “Operation Cutcord” in which the game has targetted to ban over 700,000 hacker accounts to which players reported while a total of 3.8 million accounts after they deploy the anti-cheat protection layers. The developers over the course of the year banned several accounts which collectively forms over 30 million.

As per the latest reports of Garena Free Fire, over 30 million accounts were banned in which 69 per-cent accounts were detected by the anti-cheat detection system while the rest accounts were banned after players reported the hackers.

The hackers in Free Fire were banned for using several cheat methods while some of the methods are listed down below.

Garena Free Fire bans over 30 Million gaming accounts for Hacking.

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Garena Free Fire hackers rough estimates:

#1 – Auto-Aim: 36%

#2 – Through Walls: 23%

#3 – Teleport: 17%

#4 – Antenna: 11%

#5 – Others: 13%

The action and reports by the leading battle royale game indicate that Garena is readily accepting and implementing the new methods for the detection of the hackers. While the majority of the role will be played by the user’s report which is obviously one of the genuine ways to find the hacker and unfair practicer.

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