Free Fire Tournament 2020: Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire Open 2020 Registration and Format of Game. Full Details

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Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire Open 2020 Registration and Format of Game. Full Details. Free Fire Tournament 2020.

Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire Open: Esports tournaments are like festivals for the gamers in the country right now. The industry has grown many folds in recent years. Qualcomm will be adding a feather to the esports industry in India with the massive event.

Qualcomm Snapdragon will host one of the biggest esports tournaments for Free Fire in India. The title named “Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire Open 2020” is going to take place with a massive prize pool of “Rupees 50,00,000.”

How to Register for the Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire Open 2020:

The registration for the biggest Free Fire tournament will be simple. Any gamer above the age of 12 and with a level 10 in-game ID can register in the tournament and compete.

The registrations have started on 8th December and will be open for two weeks.

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Here is how to register:

Step 1: Click on the red link, you will be redirected to the official website or go to “

Step 2: Verify your email address with the OTP.

Step 3: Click on the “Register Now” tab and fill the details in the form.

Step 4: Once you register yourself, you can either join a pre-existing team or can create your own.

Step 5: To Create a team just put your name and click on “Create Squad”.

Step 6: If you want to join a team, you can ask the team leader for the Squad ID and click on “Join Squad”. Once you are approved by the leader, you will be aligned with the squad.

Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire: How to Register

Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire Open 2020 Tournament Format Explained:

The process for the tournament is simple but sluggish. The process is too long and divided into phases. In order to play Grand Finals players have to go through over five rigorous stages.

The tournament will begin with the In-game qualifiers, three playoffs rounds will be played before heading to the league stages and after that Grand Finals.

In-Game Qualifiers: All the registered squads will compete with each other for 15 Classic games in Kalahari and Barmuda Map. Top 10 performances in the 15 games will be considered to advance to the next round.

Playoffs 1: Top 648 Teams will be divided into 54 Groups. These teams will play single-elimination matches. The top 4 teams from each group will go into Playoffs 2.

Playoffs 2: Top 216 Teams of Playoffs 1 will come in round 2. These 216 teams will be divided into 18 groups. Again top 4 from each group will advance to Playoffs 3.

Playoffs 3: The top 72 teams from playoffs 2 will come in Playoffs 3. These 72 teams will be divided into 6 groups and the best teams will go to the League Stage.

League Stage: The top teams from Playoffs 3 will come in League Stages. The best teams of Playoffs 3 will be joined by the invited teams by Free Fire. They all will compete to enter the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals: The top 13 teams will play in the Grand Finals. 12 games will be played and the best team will emerge as the winners.

Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire Format Explained

Free 1,60,000 Diamonds Giveaway by Free Fire:

Once you have registered for the Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire Open 2020, you will be eligible to win the giveaway. A total of 150 gamers who have registered in the tournament will earn 1060 Diamonds each. The winners of the giveaway will be announced once the registration ends, 20th December.

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