Free Fire: How to earn 10,000 Diamonds in the Diamond Spin Event for Free in Free Fire

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Free Fire: How to earn 10,000 Diamonds in the Diamond Spin Event for Free in Free Fire.

Diamond Spin Event in Free Fire: After announcing the partnership with Juventus Star Christiano Ronaldo, Free Fire comes up with another big event for the gamers. Free Fire this time has a special event named “Diamond Spin Event” where the players or gamers can win a wide range of rewards and diamonds.

The game is widely known for its special and exciting events at the same time rewarding gamers with a lot of unique gifts. A lot of items here in Free Fire can be equipped with some in-game events and purchases.

However, this time Free Fire comes up with the event to reward the lucky winners with the Diamonds. The event is basically can be compared with the machine where you need the luck to win the game.

The gamers have to roll in the event and if they manage to get two same images then they are rewarded with some lucrative gifts. And if they somehow manage to score three same images at a time, then Free Fire will reward them with the huge 10,000 Diamonds.

The list of in-game item rewards is as follows:

  • Fragments
  • Pet food
  • Loadouts
  • Badges
  • Gold [3000]
  • Characters: Wukong/Kapella
  • Wilderness Trapper Bundle
  • Wilderness Hunter Bundle
  • Jackpot: 10,000 Diamonds
  • Vouchers
  • Gun Boxes
  • Magic Cube Fragments
Free Fire Diamond Spin Event

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Diamonds are in-game currency in Free Fire which can be used to purchase some skins, outfits, and many other luxurious items. Usually, in these games, a lot of Diamonds (Money) are needed to unlock some desired outfits.

But if someone refrains to spend huge in the game, they can try out their luck in the event with fewer Diamonds and can win 10,000 Diamonds.

In the event named “Diamond Spin Event” every single spin costs 10 Diamonds while if you considering spinning the roll 10 times it will cost 90 DIamonds.

We advise you to spin the roll 10 times in a single go because it is more economical and games give more rewards to the players who spend more.

But at the same time, it is a hit and trial draw and totally depends upon Luck.


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