Free Fire: Get Free Cyber Bounty Hunter Bike Skin in Free Fire

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Free Fire: Cyber Bounty Hunter Bike Skin in Free Fire for Free.

Cyber Bounty Hunter Bike Skin: Free Fire is known for its massive collaborations and which results in a lot of exciting events throughout the season. This time too, Free Fire will be throwing a lot of events in the upcoming days. These events will be based on the theme “Operation Chrono”.

Operation Chrono is a result of a massive collaboration of Free Fire with the Juventus star Christiano Ronaldo. The whole theme will be based on that only. The partnership will even bring up a character on “CR7” in the coming days.

Free Fire unlike the past events, this time giving up the rewards to the gamers for free. In the past players have to complete some set tasks to claim the event rewards but this time Free Fire is giving up the skins and other rewards just for logging in to the game.

Free Fire gamers need to just log-in to the game every day and claim the rewards.

The game developers will add a special mode to the game named “Comic Racer” on 13th December and the mode will bring up an event with it. A week-long Log-in event will be there, where players will have to log-in to the game every day and claim the reward.

Cyber Blade Skin on 19th December – Free Fire

Every day there will be some different rewards. Everyone can claim these rewards from the event section or it will appear on the screen as soon as you open the game.

The fifth day of Log-in will give you the skin of the Bike which is named “Cyber Bounty Hunter Bike Skin”.

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Reward List of the Event (Get Cyber Bounty Bike Skin)

  • 1st Day – Gold Royale voucher
  • 2nd Day – 2 Pharaoh Weapon loot crate
  • 3rd Day – 2 Private Eye Weapon loot crate
  • 4th Day – 3 AK Water Balloon Weapon loot crate
  • 5th Day – Cyber Bounty Hunter Bike skin

Gamers can even claim the exclusive Free Cyber Blade Chrono Themed skin on 19th December. Just log-in to the game on 19th December to get the lucrative skin.

Free Fire will be pushing some new events based on the “Chrono Theme” in the coming days. A lot of new rewards and skins will be available for free at these events. We will keep you updated on these events.

Till then, keep logging in to the game every day to get yourself some good rewards.

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