Free Fire Chrono Vending Machine Event Features, Release Date, and Full Guide

Free Fire Update Event: Chrono Vending Machine Event Features, Launch Date and how to get the maximum rewards from the Event. Full Guide...

Free Fire Chrono Vending Machine Event Features, Release Date, and Full Guide.

Free Fire Chrono Vending Machine Event: After the partnership with the Juventus Star Christiano Ronaldo, Free Fire came up with the event named “Chrono Vending Machine Event”. The season is based on the theme of Operation Chrono and the events will be based upon that only.

Chrono will be a character in the Free Fire and soon it will be available for the gamers. The full season will be surrounded by Chrono themed events and features.

Free Fire Chrono Vending Machine Event Features and Guide:

Free Fire came up with the idea to involve every gamer with the events. This time they have installed Vending Machines in the game and players will have to go to the Vending Machine in order to redeem rewards.

The Vending Machine can offer some of the new in-game items and lucrative permanent skins of various items.

The “Free Fire Chrono Vending Machine” Event will begin from 13th December till 25th December. Usually, all the events can be found in the event section of the game but this time players will have to collect the special tokens from the game and directly head to the Vending Machine to redeem prizes.

The token will be distributed in the whole game map unevenly and gamers will have to collect them and later exchange them for rewards.

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Rewards from the event “Chrono Vending Machine” are:
Free Fire Chrono Vending Machine Event | Video- Free Fire India Official
  • M828
  • AR Ammo
  • AK
  • M4A1
  • Med Kit
  • Gloo Wall
  • HG Ammo

For every item listed above, there will be a different number of tokens required. If any player gets those tokens, then he/she can redeem the award.

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The number of tokens for each item listed above is shown down below:

ItemToken Required
AR Ammo1
Med Kit5
Gloo Wall1
HG Ammo1

Free Fire Gamers can equip a permanent skin of Chrono Parachute through this event. The skin will require 5 tokens collected in a single match and redeem them through the Vending Machine in that game only.

The event will be limited to a match only. As soon as you get the special token, head to the Vending Machine, and redeem an award. If you forget to redeem them in that match, they will get expired.

So head to the game and enjoy the free rewards inside “The Chrono Vending Machine Event”.

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