COD Mobile: Get GKS Kitsune Camo gun skin for free in Call of Duty (COD) Mobile

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GKS Kitsune Camo: The Call of Duty (COD) Mobile developers have done a major change in the in-game season events with the new update and this time some new exciting events are brought in to the game. One of the events in this change is “Run and Gun” where the game offers GKS Kitsune Camo as the reward for completion of the task. One who plays Call of Duty Mobile can earn this reward by successfully completing the given simple tasks in the game within the given time.

Basically, the seasonal event will end as soon as the new season in Call of Duty (Mobile) will come. However, it is rare to see such a lucrative item in the seasonal events but sometimes developers do such things to excite the players for the upcoming events.


The player has to successfully complete the given tasks to get the GKS Kitsune Camo gun skin. The event has a total of six tasks to complete and at the end of each task, the player will be rewarded some with some gifts. On the completion of all these six tasks, the game will give players GKS Kitsune Camo gun skin. MP and BR mode are both involved in these tasks and the players will have to play both modes anyhow to get the reward.

The six tasks are as follows and the rewards:

Task 1: Kill five enemies in a battle royale match with SMGs

Reward: Medic – Warp and 1000 battle pass XP

Task 2: Kill 20 enemies in multiplayer matches with any sand camo SMG.

Reward:.50 GS – Warp Pistol and 2000 battle pass XP

Task 3: Win three MP matches with any SMG equipped with a charm and two stickers.

Reward: Cosmic One Backpack and 3000 battle pass XP.

Task 4: Fit any MSMC with recommended equipment

Reward: 15 weapon XP tokens and 4000 battle pass XP.

Task 5: Win 5 MP matches with any SMG equipped with the Toughness, Hardline, and Lightweight perk.

Reward: KN-44 – Warp camo and 5000 battle pass XP

Task 6: Equip any SMG, play a BR match with friends, and win a BR match.

Reward: GKS – Kitsune camo and 6000 battle pass XP.

Follow the tasks and complete them. There is ample time as of now and you can get the skin for free after completing all the six given tasks.

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