PUBG Mobile: Best trick to reach Conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile for an average player

PUBG Mobile: Best trick to reach Conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile for an average player

PUBG Mobile: Best trick to reach Conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile for an average player.

PUBG Mobile is the hottest battle royale mobile game in the mobile gaming industry right now. With each update into the game, players and the game is getting better and more interesting for the gamers. With the launch of PUBG for mobile users, PUBG Mobile saw a huge spike in its fan base.

PUBG Mobile with every second gets better and so do the players. The gamers every now and then try to evolve and get better than anyone else. With the increased competition, the players find it hard to reach the highest level i.e., Conqueror level.

Conqueror is the highest tier in PUBG Mobile and players often give their days and nights to reach the level to get much-needed recognition. Here are a few tips to climb to the highest rank faster than anyone else even if you are an average player.

Best trick to reach Conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile for an average player

First, understand what is conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile. Conqueror is the highest rank in PUBG Mobile. 

The rank goes from Bronze >> Silver >> Gold >>  Platinum >> Diamond >> Crown >> Ace >> Conqueror.

Each server has the conqueror tier and only top 500 gamers are given the crown of the conqueror. As the ranking of the conqueror players is refreshed every other day, it becomes much harder to retain the rank for an average player. However, if the player grinds every day, then he can be at the top spot for as many days he wants.

A conqueror player always stands out of the crowd due to his rank along with the conqueror title. The title glows and attracts every single gamer in the lobby of PUBG Mobile. Apart from the title, several other gifts are provided to the top players.

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How to reach the Conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile:

If you are an average gamer, then you must follow the given below tricks to get to the conqueror tier.

  • Reach till the Ace tier in the Season and wait for the ranks to get reset at the beginning of every new season of PUBG Mobile.
  • [Example: Reach Ace tier in PUBG Mobile season 16 and wait for the ranks to reset at the beginning of Season 17].
  • Once all the rank gets reset all the player gets dropped to lower tiers and you will find yourself in the Platinum tier.
  • Just after the new season starts, play as many classic games as possible. Always go to a safer place and try to survive till the last zone and get Chicken Dinner.
  • Reaching Conqueror in Squad mode is a bit more tricky, it is advised to try Solo or Duo mode.
  • Aim to take maximum chicken dinners and you will get good rating points at the end of every game.
  • Your rank will increase and first 500 players to reach Ace tier at the beginning of each season are rewarded by the Conquerer rank along with its benefits.

It will not be an easy journey even if you try to survive. You will have to invest all your free time here in PUBG Mobile. Sometimes you will feel exhausted but keep grinding. Don’t take wrong steps because it can impact your rating points.

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